about CCC

Our business is entirely focused on making your business more time and cost efficient. Since 2015, we’ve been evolving and perfecting an outsourcing model that takes care of the bread and butter work of accountancy for around 80% of the usual cost. It means you can improve profit margins and have more time to focus on expanding your practice. We call it ‘compliance partnering’, and there’s strong evidence to proof we do it better than anybody else. The concept of outsourcing the compliance side of accounting is well established internationally.

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Many Industry sector agrees that it’s the future for accounting firms that want to establish a ‘lean methodology’ business model to improve their bottom line. Now, with our optimised data security and quality assurance measures, we’re delivering the highest standard of outsourced compliance accounting available in Ireland, UK , USA and Australia.

Our team includes qualified accountants who have a thorough working knowledge of financial reporting and tax compliance requirements, as well as commonly used software platforms such as Kashflow, Xero and Sage Line 50. They are well-rewarded and operate like a seamless extension of our practice. Many Ireland, UK , USA and Australia accounting practicing firms and companies have already chosen us as their compliance partner. They range from small to large firms. Our clients see us as trusted members of their team, and that’s why compliance partnering will great for us.


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Company overview

CCC is focused on helping our clients succeed in their missions by improving their accounting performance through outsourcing. Outsourced Bookkeeping Services encompass nearly every aspect of your financial life. We are providing BackOffice Solution for Accounting Firms, and Small to Mid Size Businesses for Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax Preparation, Reconciliation and Accounts Payable Processing.

Why Choose us

CCC has more expertise and experience than any other outsourcing provider in Ireland, UK , USA and Australia. Our processes have been carefully refined over time, so we know that we can deliver the result you need – on time

How does it work?

As most experienced outsourced accounting provider, we have developed a workflow process that’s easy and effective. On a daily basis our accountants deal with bookkeeping , year end accounts etc. as well as the subtleties of Ireland, UK , USA and Australian business operations.

our vision

We pride ourselves on making outsourcing straightforward and painless for all our clients. We have successfully completed more than 4000 financial statements and tax returns for Ireland, UK , USA and Australian’s accountancy firms, and that number grows on daily basis.